Thursday, January 19, 2012

Lucy 6 months and Update

The last two months since I posted have been a whirl wind.  The arrival of our sweet little boy on Nov. 23rd has filled our life with SO MUCH joy!!

I'll share some pictures of him in a second but before that, here's Lucy! She's six months old! I was able to squeeze in her session my last few days of pregnancy. She's such a smily happy baby.  I mentioned in her newborn post about how special she and her parents are to me.  Love this family! Can't wait for the years ahead in going through the parenting and family life together.

 And now introducing Canyon :) Our precious baby boy. Born November 23rd at 4lb 14oz and 19 inches. (At his 1 week check up he was measured at 17 1/2in so he may have been measured wrong) He weighed 6lb 11oz right before Christmas, so I'm excited to see what he's up to at his two month apt next week! He was super healthy, just small! So I'm glad he's growing just fine and doing so well.  

Chris and I are so in love with our little man. :)
Christmas card :)

 About 7 weeks here

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Catch Up!

I'm so behind in posting!! October was crazy, super busy.  I was so thankful for all the great sessions, but it kept me hopping! So... I'm just going to do one giant post to share some of the beautiful people I've had the honor of working with these last two months!

First up is Cohen and Kadien...cousins! I can't believe Cohen is one! He's the newborn in my header of this site... I need to update!

 Myah and Macy ~ Two year old twins! So cute and so different from each other! They were fun!

 Holland Family ~ Blaine is two! I've done his pictures since he was six months... so fun to see him grow!

 Lance 3 years old and Audrey one year ~ Such a beautiful fall day with beautiful kids!

 Brooks Family ~ I have a special place in my heart for this family :) Nieces and nephews are so wonderful :)
~Noah, 3 yrs
 ~Shae, 5 yrs
 ~Kahlan, 7 yrs

 Zack ~ Senior... crazy to say senior! Another extra special session, our nephew! Such a handsome young man... can't believe he's a senior!

 Collena ~ 5yrs and Gracie ~ 3 yrs... Such beauties! This was a quick little session but still some cute shots!

 Jake ~ Senior... Jake was very easy going and made for a great second senior session!

 Megan & Emma... I LOVED this session! These ladies were such naturals in front of the camera (not to mention beautiful!) and the two locations were new to me, so that was extra fun!

 Mounsey Family ~ Such a sweet family! I did their pics last year so it was fun to see how the girls have grown and to meet their new addition!
 ~Halle, 5 yrs
 ~Chaney, 2 yrs

 ~ Vance, 4 months

 Girod Family ~ This was a new experience for me... A large extended family! I was so thankful to have my husband there helping direct everyone. That was challenging for me, but they were all so sweet and cooperative!

 Sarah ~ Senior... what a beauty! She made it so easy on me! I loved this session :)

 Stratten ~ almost 2 yrs... What a surprise to go to this session, not thinking I knew the family, and then get there and realize this little guy's mom and I used to work together! That was funny :) This little guy was every bit of almost two... very active and lots of fun!

~If you're still with me... you're a trooper :)