Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Welcome! My plan for this blog is photography driven. However, it's not just for posting photos but for LEARNING. I want to share my experience as I go about my journey in photography. Wherever this goes is 100% God lead.

My husband and I just recently purchased our first DSLR (digital single-lens reflex) camera... a Nikon D90. As I learn to master my camera and photoshop, I want to share those discoveries with YOU!

I realize some of you may not care "how" I took the picture, so to you I say, "Just enjoy the photos!" Maybe what I "learn" is far below what you already know so I would love, love, LOVE your advice and feedback! If you're learning with me...GREAT! Let's learn together!

A very important discovery with photography is The Flash. The outcome of your photo is very different depending on if the flash is used or not.

When used, your photo is clear but can be very blown out and harsh.

(taken with my point and shoot camera)

When not used, the skin tone is much more natural.

(taken with my point and shoot camera)

It is very hard, however, to not use a flash in some circumstances such as low lighting. If possible, scoot closer to a window and use the natural light.

(first "photo session" with my DSLR)

It is also hard if your subject moves when not using a flash. I'm still struggling with that when taking photos indoors. I'm excited to get outside in better light!

*Side note: the little cutie in these three photos are of my niece, Amayah. You will see a lot of her, as she's one of my favorite models!

So that is all for now... simple but to the point. I have discovered keeping the flash turned off is much easier to do with a DSLR than with a point and shoot camera.

Thanks for reading (whoever you may be) and feel free to let me know what you thought. I'm not claiming for a second to know what I'm talking about... just what I've discovered along the way. I look forward to learning new things every day as my love for photography grows!


P.S. Sorry for all the color changes. I'm still learning this blogging thing and some of the paragraphs wouldn't change like I wanted them to!