Tuesday, February 1, 2011

I'm Baaaaack!

Wow... almost three months with no blog post?! That was due to about 10% neglect and 90% nothing to post! I recently had a session of a cute little family.  This was my second indoor shoot (besides newborns) and first using only natural light (which I prefer).  So I was extremely nervous about finding enough areas with enough light.  Thankfully I was able to get there an hour early to scope out some spots!
Photography is still (and probably always will be) a big learning experience for me.  The day after a shoot I usually think of about three things I would have done differently if I could go back, but I'm thankful to learn from that and apply it to the next shoot.  But enough of that.... Meet the Knight family!

I also realized I never posted the photos from a sweet family who wanted to capture their last days with their pet and forever friend, Molly.  This was my first time shooting at Foster Park and will definitely be going back!  Here's the Welbaum family!